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Disclaimer: This is information for wide-distribution, directly sent for public view by the State of Louisiana's Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

Comment - Proud of my home state for its commitment to cybersecurity!

Partners and Stakeholders,

The Governor’s Office Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness along with Federal and State partners continue to monitor the heightened tensions between Ukraine and Russia. Despite increased cyber-attacks being reported in Eastern Europe, there are no known Louisiana specific threats presently. However, this should not prevent us from preparing for and posturing to respond to imminent attacks.

The most critical preparation to be conducted at this time is to ensure cyber hygiene practices are taken to prevent and mitigate most threats. This guidance can be found at the get-a-gameplan website Cybersecurity Cybersecurity Plan - Get a Game Plan.
Additionally, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA):
This page consolidates CISA’s published resources on cyber threats related to the current geopolitical tensions. It is designed to help critical infrastructure owners and operators mitigate possible cyber threats and strengthen their cybersecurity posture.
CISA Insights: Implement Cybersecurity Measures Now to Protect Against Potential Critical Threats 2022)
· An executive-level product that recommends urgent, near-term steps to reduce the likelihood and impact of a potentially damaging compromise.
b. Alert (AA22-011A): Understanding and Mitigating Russian State-Sponsored Cyber Threats to U.S. Critical Infrastructure
A joint cybersecurity advisory with the FBI and NSA about the Russian threat to critical infrastructure, including specific tactics, techniques, and procedures associated with Russian actors.
2. CISA Cyber Resource Hub:
A comprehensive list of the no-cost cybersecurity assessments CISA offers upon request to help organizations evaluate operational resilience, cybersecurity practices, organizational management of external dependencies, and other key elements of a robust and resilient cyber framework.
A key element to our success throughout this conflict is communication and information sharing. We ask that all organizations governmental and non-governmental report any cybersecurity attacks, confirmed or suspected, to LA-SAFE (1-800-434-8007 or

Please share widely.
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